Tramp Stamp Tattoos

For many, the term Tramp Stamp Tattoos is a strange word and equal large numbers of people still don’t know what on earth it is. What even more strange is the no one seems to know exactly how that word came into existence. There is no documentary evidence to even suggest this word had its beginning in a certain part of the world, it seems to have just floated around until it became a part of slang terminology and has been in circulation ever since. Well let’s not get into the history of word, but rather look at what it means. The word tramp stamp tattoo refers to the small cute tattoos one often gets to see on a lady’s lower back.

Tramp Stamp TattoosThis a sexy way of looking at it

Some time back, a style came into existence of woman wearing a low back pair of jeans. Wearing these jeans invariably exposed a part of her butts so to say and the exact area would be where her back cleavage begins to show. So when woman started wearing this, someone must have got a tiny tattoo made on or around that spot, which became visible as she walked around. Some thought it was an expression of her being sexy and some thought it was her communicating to the world, she’s ok and available for a good time. Men often thought it meant she was promiscuous and sexy, but whatever the thought around it was, it became entrenched with people as being a fashion trend and then the idea really went viral in a way. Since that time, the tramp stamp tattoo has been around and has become quite popular among many women.

And now one can see all types of women going in for this kind of tattooing and doesn’t really have to be the woman who wears a low back pair of jeans. This is popular because it enables woman to show off something that looks cute, conveys a message of an idea and is visible or invisible and depends on what their wearing. One can see women in many formal or informal occasions, which have these kinds of tattoos and they show it gracefully if they want to. Presently, having a tramp stamp doesn’t mean the woman is promiscuous, or is trying to make a comment about her being willing and available for a good idea, it’s just a fashion trend.

These can be elegant or mystifying as you like

There are many types of Tramp Stamp Tattoos it can be a simple elegant one or a very intricately made one. That is a complete question of personal taste. However one thing is certain, the area around the back provides a firm fleshy expanse of skin, which tattoo artists find it very easy to work on and one can find various expressions of artist topic and subject in these tramp stamps. One often finds tattoos here are done closer to the centre of even off centre as the person wants it. Nevertheless, a tattoo in this part of the body does have a magnetic appeal and does send a sort of alluring message when woman to have it seen.

In fact, now there are all kinds of woman, who have a tramp stamp done on them, and it in no one denotes someone from a lower stratum of the society or image in any manner. In the present times, a tramp stamp is just a fun tattoo in a part of the body that is considered private, but if the lady wears a dress which gives it visibility, it means she wants the world to see it. There is a huge variation of these tattoos that can be seen riding on the exposed back of woman, they can be naughty, mischievous, or even something that has profound meaning. Somehow it provides a great visual appeal in the modern times and many simply admire it and enjoy the tattoo and the place where it sits, both. Basically tattoos are an expression of artistic intent and it can be widely varied in what it conveys. Even now some people consider the tramp stamp as something that denotes a low profile activity and has derogatory connotations, but that’s not at all true for the majority. Now, people see it just as an art form, like the myriad other tattoos done on people, it looks beautiful and conveys something, as simple as that.